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Notes from the Chairman

Dear distinguished friends,
On behalf of all Powerway Alloy staff, I here wish to express sincere greetings and heartfelt gratitude to all clients and partners, the leadership of those firms, and to all our friends from a broad swath of society for your support to the development of Powerway.

In pursuit of corporate values encompassing "Morality, Innovation and Ever-better Performance", Powerway commits to vigorous promotion of a spirit of "Aggressive Cooperation and Innovation" and to be nothing less than a first-class global enterprise.

We further dedicate to a mission to lead industry development and impel this era's societal progress by adhering to a R&D philosophy of "Study market demand and imagine high-end solutions to challenge the future." Reforming the management status quo to a more thorough, systematic and rigorous German style, Powerway Alloy now positions itself with a distinctive, first-class competitive strategy and focuses on delivering clients both comprehensive product solutions and ever-greater value - tangible and otherwise. Meanwhile, the Company has obtained a great number of patents and honed all service areas - attributes that have earned our great industry reputation and enabled Powerway's contributions to the development in numerous sectors including new alloys, new energy, and capital cooperation.

Difficulties and setbacks are inevitable along the path to success, yet Powerway firmly believes in itself and our capacity to attain greater future achievements. In a time mixed with opportunities, challenges and ever fiercer competition, Powerway sincerely seeks out win-win-win cooperation with all potential stakeholders to create, develop and share a wonderful future.

Many thanks and best regards!

Shicai Xie

Chairman, Powerway Alloy


Company Overview

Our Company

Ningbo Powerway Alloy Material Company Incorporated ("Powerway Alloy" or "the Company") (Ticker: 601137) was founded in 1993. With a registered capital of 627 million RMB Powerway Alloy possesses three industrial parks - Powerway Yunlong, Powerway Binhai in China, and Powerway Viet Nam. More than 3,000 employees work at these facilities, which cover a total area of 364,400 square meters.

As a Director Unit and Technical Committee Member of IWCC, Powerway Alloy possesses a post-doctoral scientific research workstation, a PRC government accredited and third-party certified nonferrous alloy laboratory, and a research center jointly operated with local authorities. According to corporate strategy, Powerway Alloy has established an industrial structure targeting New Materials, New Energy, and Capital Investment Operations. In recent years, Powerway Alloy has completed more than 50 innovative projects, so far has 92 patents granted (including one in the United States), and has 52 more patents currently awaiting approval. The Company has led or participated in the compilation of 18 China national standards and 4 industry standards for non-ferrous alloy rods and wires, making a strong contribution to the rapid development of the non-ferrous alloy industry.

Powerway Binhai
Powerway Yunlong
Powerway Vietnam


Our Industries

New Material Industry

Powerway focuses on research, development, manufacturing and sale of high-performance, high-precision, non-ferrous alloy bars, wires and plate-strips. Function, innovation, energy efficiency and environmental concern are targeted aspects of production. These materials, including substitute alloys, are widely applied in over 30 different industries such as aerospace, high-speed train, electronics, telecommunication, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, engineering machinery, precision mould, and lead frame.

High-performance alloy materials invented by our Company have been successfully applied in the Shenzhou Spacecrafts Series 1-11, the Chang'e 1-2 Detectors, and the Tiangong 1-2 aircraft. Our company has also developed a non-toxic and environmental-friendly non-lead brass alloy product series. Moreover, lead-free and environment-friendly new materials we have created - including copper, titanium, zirconium and zinc offerings - are widely used in the marketplace as they both reduce customer cost and save societal resources. Additionally, our unique energy-efficient brass alloy material simultaneously achieves such features as low conductivity, energy-efficiency and sustainability.

New Energy Industry

Powerway Alloy acquired Boviet Solar Technology Co。, Ltd in 2016 through a fixed gain acquisition。 Boviet specializes in R&D, manufacturing and selling solar energy single-chip and multi-chip batteries and battery packs。 Boviet provides leading solar energy solutions to global customers while innovating for the creation of endless green energy resources and human benefit。

Investment Operations

According to our development strategy, Powerway Alloy concentrates on new materials, new energy and new technologies。 By focusing on innovative industries and maximizing synergistic effects with existing industries, the Company realizes capital gain for the mutual benefit of not only investors and but all stakeholders。

Our Management

With a strong influence from our partner European subsidiary, Powerway Alloy employs a strict, systematic and thorough German-style management across all areas including strategy formulation, finance, HR, R&D, production, marketing and more。

In 1997, ISO9002:1994 certification and implementation was achieved.

In 2004, the Enterprise Cultural Management System was upgraded.

In 2007, the Service Center was built, marking substantially improved service capability.

In 2008, the world-class SAP Information Management System was introduced. Also, ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System and 9001:2008 ISO Quality Management System certifications were passed. In addition, Powerway Alloy began to conduct formal project management, and the OA system was comprehensively upgraded.

In 2014 the E-HR management system was introduced in our Human Resources Department. Further, the company passed the OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Safety and Health Management System certification.

In 2015, Powerway Alloy passed the GB/T29490-2013 Intellectual Property Management System certification.

Our Future

Upholding a management philosophy of “Outpace Ourselves and Pursue Distinction” Powerway Alloy integrates all social resources, devotes itself to new alloy material R&D, and promotes rapid development of modern industry. The company is committed to innovation of new energy technologies for the goal of endless green energy and maximized human benefit, as well as to capital operation enabling the enterprise consistently improved value.

By virtue of the powerful scientific research and capital operation strength, Powerway Alloy is committed to leading the development of our industries while continuously facilitating social, environmental, and human development.


Organisation Structure



The Powerway Vision

To Promote This Era's Progress;To Create A Wiser Future;To Share Life's Beauty

To Promote This Era’s Progress

Through scientific and technological innovation strength, Powerway constantly researches, designs, creates, and improves high-performance products exceeding the high demands of today’s manufacturing industry.

Create A Wiser Future

Pooling wisdom for effective solutions and high-quality service to our customers while benefiting broader society, Powerway plays its role in making the world a little better each day.

Share Life’s Beauty

All Powerway employees pay effort to create value, realize dreams and share a healthy, safe and beautiful life.

Powerway Alloy's Mission

Our business is to create new materials, new energy and new technology products of both current and future demand。 We are committed to capital appreciation while building a world-class enterprise。 Facing an ever-more unpredictable market, we stick to the concept of innovation to promote slow but sure, day-by-day enterprise revolution。 We dedicate ourselves to serving the society, while rewarding shareholders and sharing our achievements。

Our organizational purpose is in producing a variety of alloy materials and products to meet the varied demands of social development and marketplace value. In this way, Powerway Alloy will continue to be duly recognized as a world-class enterprise and a first-class global brand. Meanwhile, through strong capital operation and management, we expect to integrate social resources while realizing capital appreciation. Amidst a constantly changing market, we take the initiative to improve the present and future so as to promote corporate development and the progress of the times. Correspondingly, all staff are engaged in sharing the achievements we create, serving society and shareholders.

Powerway Values

Guided by ethics, driven to perform, seeking innovation

Powerway holds itself accountable, for both results and moral correctness, not only to shareholders but also to society and to ourselves。 Innovation is our core competence, the soul of enterprise evolution, and the intrinsic driving force for growth and success。 By deeply and deliberately rooting that creative spirit into our corporate culture, we are capable of true continuous improvement, and continually improved output。 The performances we have achieved and will in the future are the direct result of our desire, effort, talent, focus, dedication, and passion - yet also an outgrowth of staying true to what we know to be morally right and the right things to do。

Enterprise Spirit

Sincere Cooperation, and Technological Growth to Challenge the Future

In both life and work, each Powerway team member shares a spirit of enthusiasm, confidence, honesty, and trustworthiness in communication, collaboration, and the bold pursuit of game-changing innovation.

Powerway Policy

Market Oriented, Quality Guaranteed, Efficient Management, Resources Integrated and Services Reinforced for Tangible Innovation

We eye the market and satisfy client need by implementing the notion that the business and administrative instruction are first and second priority, respectively. The Powerway brand reputation is built daily through outstanding, consistent quality reached through optimized and standardized management and effective policy. Enterprise development is promoted by breaking through the old concepts and constant invention through the new ideas and methods. Corporate plans and targets are realized through full exploitation of internal and social resources. Our top priority is not satisfied but delightedclients, with enhanced teamwork and meeting our own personal goals in the process.

Business Philosophy

Outpace Ourselves and Pursue Distinction

With a motto of “What can be imagined can be achieved,” we reach towards the future we dream of and make it reality。

Working Style

Fast, Short, Direct and Effective

The most direct and effective method at the fastest viable speed, to complete the existing tasks in the shortest time。


Our Service Concept

With international-standard management, Powerway Alloy’s efficient and professional Customer Service Center emphasizes a client-centered concept and accurate, full-scale services to customers of non-ferrous alloys. Through the unremitting efforts and true continuous improvement for ever-better service quality, enhanced customer satisfaction, and client solutions, Powerway Alloy service is now accredited by some of the world top 500 companies including Apple,  Panasonic, Samsung etc. Powerway service in fact matches the quality of our renowned high-performance, first-class alloy materials and products including those applied in the Chinese Shenzhou Spacecraft Series 1-10, Chang’e Detectors 1 and 2, and the Tiangong-1 aircraft. Powerway Alloy continuously serves and exceeds the needs of the global manufacturing industry and earns a high industry reputation daily.

The Characteristic Service
Customized Service
Customized Service

Powerway Alloy sticks to the concept of “market-oriented yet customer-centered” to understand true end-user needs and develop high value-added products accordingly。

Integrated Service
Integrated Service

Powerway Alloy creates solutions and value for clients with full-scale and integrated services at the early design stage, in processing, and at late application stage for improved client competitiveness。

Socialized Service
Socialized Service

Powerway Alloy constantly researches and develops the functional, environment-friendly, energy-efficient and substitute alloy materials for the benefit of both our clients and the society.


Through unremitting efforts over many years, Powerway Alloy has now exported new materials and new energy products to numerous countries and regions including but not limited to America, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Holland, Australia, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Pakistan, South Korea, Japan, South Africa and Egypt. From our location in China, our international market pattern now covers Asia, Europe, North America, and beyond.

With high-quality products and outstanding service, Powerway Alloy has gained the recognition of a wide swath of world top 500 companies - Apple, SIEMENS, Panasonic, TOTO, Samsung, Huawei and CalCom Solar among others. Our high-performance alloy products have been applied in the Shenzhou Spacecraft Series 1 through 10, Chang’e Detectors 1 and 2, and the Tiangong-1 aircraft - marking a significant contribution to China’s aerospace industry.

By virtue of remarkable innovation and advanced technology, Powerway Alloy continuously serves the global manufacturing industry by providing a variety of first-class alloy materials and solar energy products to global clients. By meeting ever-changing client and end-user demands while promoting societal progress, Powerway Alloy has successfully developed itself as a trustworthy global vendor.




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